NIHR Opportunities for Postdoctoral Researchers

Training and career development opportunities

The NIHR currently have a wide range of training and career development opportunities available for individuals at postdoctoral level, including a number of brand new funding programmes. These awards are accessible to those from a variety of professions, and can provide excellent support to those wishing to further progress their research career. 

Undergraduate Internship Programme

The Undergraduate Internship Programme is a new scheme which provides funding for early to mid-career researchers to host up to 3 interns. Interns will undertake a fully funded and flexible placement in the area or discipline they are interested in pursuing, whilst the applicant will have an opportunity to gain valuable supervisory and grant application experience.

Applications open to researchers from 31st October 2023

Advanced Clinical and Practitioner Academic Fellowship

The ACAF supports postdoctoral researchers to develop their academic career while developing their health or care career. The award offers funding to cover the Lead Applicant’s salary costs, the costs of an appropriate research project, and the costs of a tailored academic and professional development programme.

Applications close on 15th November 2023

Clinical Academic Research Partnership

The Clinical Academic Research Partnerships (CARP) scheme funds research-qualified health professionals, not currently undertaking any substantial research activity, to form a collaborative high-quality research partnership with established biomedical and applied health researchers.

Applications close on 16th November 2023

Development and Skills Enhancement Award

The DSE award is a funding opportunity aimed at supporting early to mid-career researchers in gaining specific skills and experience to underpin the next phase of their research career. The award will provide 1 year funding to enable researchers to develop their skills in any area which will benefit their development as a researcher within NIHR’s remit.

Applications close on 24th November 2023

Pre-Application Support Fund

The Pre-Application Support Fund is a new scheme providing extra support to those who need it to enhance their chances of making a successful application to an NIHR career development scheme in the future. This may include a contribution to the salary of the applicant, training and development, and mentorship or supervisory costs. Available for all career levels.

Applications close on 30th November 2023

Global Research Professorships

The Global Research Professorship programme supports outstanding academics to work at professorial level. The programme funds researchers undertaking research that aims to specifically and primarily benefit people in LMICs eligible for Official Development Assistance (ODA). The award provides an extensive support package alongside the professorship, to include support posts, research costs and a leadership and development programme.

Applications close on 6th December 2023

Advanced Fellowship

The Advanced Fellowship provides funding and support to individuals at postdoctoral level with the potential to become future leaders in research within the NIHR’s remit. The fellowship is available to all professions and can be completed between 2 and 5 years on a full time or part time basis.

Applications close on 18th January 2024

Research Professorships

The NIHR Advanced Fellowship is a postdoctoral Fellowship aimed at anyone with a PhD who hasn’t yet been appointed to a professorial post. The Advanced Fellowship supports individuals undertaking research in any scientific discipline or sector that can demonstrate a contribution to improving health and/or care.

Applications close on 18th January 2024

Senior Clinical and Practitioner Research Award

The SCPRA is a new opportunity which provides funding of up to 5 years for individuals at postdoctoral level to engage in research activities. The award offers applicants flexibility in that they can propose a broad range of research activities to support their career development, such as preparing for future funding applications, or undertaking relevant training.

Applications close on 23rd January 2024

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