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The Council for Allied Health Professions Research (CAHPR) aims to develop AHP research. The CAHPR is available to any allied health professional interested in research.

You will find a range of information on this website aimed at supporting prospective and established AHP researchers.

Keep up-to-date with the latest information, news and events via this website, on Twitter @CAHPRangliaeast and on Facebook.

Really excited to work with @renegray82 @JPUHTherapies @JPUHResearch @UEA_Health @UEA_Physio to provide this exciting joint student research placement. We are bringing research into the very start of HCP's careers and we hope our passion for research is contagious 🥰

Rene Gray@renegray82

First research placement @jpuh based within the orthopaedic therapy team @JPUHTherapies finalised for September. Will be great to work with @ParamedicHelen on this. @UEA_Physio

Check out our blog post by @SuzahnW about our most recent @CAHPRangliaeast research evening - there’s some great links in the post about:

💰our small grants,
👥evidence of AHPs impact on health inqualities
♻️adapting complex interventions

Best of luck to the MSc Year 1 @OT_UEA & @UEA_Physio students completing their literature review presentations today. Summer is on the horizon -you've got this!
@UEAOTSoc @ueaphysiosoc @UEA_Health 💙💚

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