Council for Allied Health Professions Research

Welcome to the East Anglia CAHPR Hub website.

The Council for Allied Health Professions Research (CAHPR) aims to develop AHP research. The CAHPR is available to any allied health professional interested in research.

You will find a range of information on this website aimed at supporting prospective and established AHP researchers.

Keep up-to-date with the latest information, news and events via this website, on Twitter @CAHPRangliaeast and on Facebook.

⭐️One week since launch of #AHPsListen

⭐️Already engagement from citizens in 137 English postcodes

#AHPs can you help engage more people?
If we all passed details to 2 people who have experienced our services it would make such a difference 👉


☀️On behalf of the #CAHPO office, I am leading a project about #AHPleadership in Social Care

☀️We invite you to share an example(s) of the positive impact #ahps have in social care

☀️See ⬇️ the 4 ways you can #share2shine a light on #AHPsinsocialcare!

@SuzanneRastrick @franlc

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